Our destinations: shuttles to the biggest airports in Europe

Making a trip to an airport is not always easy for you ? Forget your own car, traffic jams and car parks and rely on a professional shuttle service.

From Brussels, we can take you to all terminals in Belgium : Zaventem, Charleroi ou Liège but also abroad, in neighboring countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France. All travel destinations are not always available at airports in Belgium and we are lucky to be located within reasonable distance of several major airports abroad.

Shuttle to the Benelux airports

Belgium is at the heart of Europe, it has several major international airports for tourists and business travelers: Zaventem, Charleroi and Liège.

However, some low-cost flights are even more interesting if you can start from the Netherlands, for example Maastricht, Eindhoven or Amsterdam.

Businessmen will also sometimes be interested in the offer of destinations from Luxembourg airport and that is why we also offer shuttles to this airport.

Shuttle to the airports of France and Germany

Some distant destinations do not exist in direct flight from Belgium. And rather than paying for a one-day stopover within 300 km of Brussels, it is sometimes much more interesting to shuttle to the airport of France or Germany which offers your destination in flight Direct at a more attractive price.

Belgium Shuttle is your reference shuttle from Brussels to pick up your flight at Lille or Paris or Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf or Berlin.

Many airports served in Belgium and elsewhere

Belgium Shuttle is a service that you can not miss in Brussels to get to the biggest airports in Western Europe at very attractive prices.

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